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Since 1994, Claire has been working in the field of poetry and creative writing. This adventure has taken her in varied and unexpected directions from National tours and hosting live events to collaborating on film-poems and opera-based projects.
Claire holds a Masters Degree in Literary Theory and has a Certificate in Counselling Skills. She has a philosophy that everyone should be given the opportunity to explore their creativity and believes in the restorative qualities of the creative process.
This website gives an insight into Claire's range and experience and invites you to get in touch should you wish to know more…

A Writing Adventure

Unlocking the creative process and understanding how it meets your personality is the key to engaging with your originality, whatever your project or hopes for writing may be. Download full details here (.pdf)

  • The place where you live
  • Songs for the heart
  • Paths through the forest
  • Where the river flows free
  • Meetings at the lake
  • Dark nights and bright stars
  • Holding all in your hands
  • Coming home to yourself

8 Tuesday mornings: 10:30am - 12:30pm 29 April - 24 June 2014)

Venue: Elephant House, 1 Dean Street, Bedminster. BS3 1BG